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I'm Jill- photographer based out of Leavenworth, WA. I strive to capture the story and connections we have with each other and our place.  

Although my winding path started with art and photography almost 20 years ago,  I didn't fully decide to pursue it until 2011 while on a backcountry-ski trip in Idaho. Enamored with photographing people playing in snow, silhouettes of trees on the soft white landscape, the alpenglow on rigid peaks before me-- something had been re-ignited and I came home understanding that I needed to cultivate my passions for photography in whatever context that arose. The rest is history. The following are my core values and the backbone of Jill Fineis Photography:


And getting married has been the biggest adventure of my life thus far. Therefore I started shooting weddings and now I can't think of a more adventurous thing to shoot. Weddings exemplify the elements of a good adventure story. 


All the products that I give clients are made of natural, or recycled materials. Flash drive boxes are from beetle-kill wood; flash drives are recycled wood or bamboo; albums are handcrafted  with leather and love. I strive to be as close to zero-waste as you can get in this industry.   


Life is short, but our stories live on through our family and friends. I strive to take photographs that represent our timeless nature-- that will live on through our children. That our grandchildren will frame and be proud of. My parents were so frugal growing up that they would always balk at trends. My mom would say, "well it's in style now, but you'll have to get a new one in 5 years." She's right. And, I take the same approach to photography. Before I put anything out to the world, I ask myself--"Is it authentic? Is it timeless? Is it real? 


I will spend my last dime to travel and adventure somewhere with good friends or family. Capturing those memories on film or digital camera to reminisce about later over beers or to share those stories with my future generations is the absolute best thing in the world. It's the ultimate tribute to celebrating our lives together. 


I love shooting in our little "dertowne." It's my favorite place. I love working with our local vendors, and feel good that my business supports our local economy. AND, I'm also willing to travel! So, if you like what you see-- just think-- HAS CAMERA, WILL TRAVEL.  

Outside of shooting you can find me playing in the mountains, on the coast or in the garden with my husband, Jaime. We LOVE skiing, surfing, mt. biking, trail running, the Leavenworth Community Farmers Market,  climbing, hanging out at Icicle Brewery, and all things Leavenworth local! 

Contact me for more info!

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