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Climbers. I love them. They are the most down to earth, really nice people. Climbers understand risk well-- perceived and actual and as such, they make the most calm wedding day bride and groom. Courtney and Stewart (C+S) exemplify these characteristics, and I just loved working with them. Tierra Retreat center sits peacefully at the end of Sunitsch Canyon-- Beautiful hills wrapping around the valley--However, the mountain loving C+S wanted to try and get some Wedge Mt. Views in some of their photos.. so we hopped in the car, drove down the Chumstick until we found the perfect little spot on the railroad tracks. C+S came alive there. The weather was perfect, the day was happy, and the ceremony filled with joy and love of life. 

Here are some wedding day details:

Jill: Where did you get your flowers and who arranged them?

Courtney: My friends and I bought them at Pike Place market and my bridesmaid Vidya and friend Celeste arranged all of them, they're amazing!

Jill: Tell me about your dress!

Courtney: I got my dress from the Brides against Breast Cancer show. I had a seamstress here in Seattle add the green tulle.

Jill: Your beer and champagne- you guys made it right? Can you tell me more about that?

Courtney: We had a number of different friends (4 actually) make beer and cider for us and we made 2 kegs as well, so we ended up with a cider and 7 types of beer I believe. Stewart and I made the sparkling dandelion wine from 2014 flowers and bottled it in champagne bottles :)

Jill: Rings. Where did they all come from? Who made them?

Courtney: my engagement ring was made by Joseph Jewelry in Bellevue and was a new setting for Stewart's grandmothers diamonds, my wedding ring was from Raven's Refuge in Portland. Stewart's ring is a profile of the Olympic mountains and made from the gold from his two grandfathers rings, made by the wonderful Siri after she broke her poor hand! She's a trooper :)

Jill: Climbing is obviously your fav thing to do together-- anything else you want to add?

Courtney: Not a lot, most weekends you can find us exploring the state in our little camper or climbing or tasting beer :)


Courtney's Dress: Brides Against Brest Cancer Show

Rings: Siri Jewelry, of Leavenworth, WA -Joseph Jewelry of Bellevue, WA-Raven's Refuge of Portland, OR

Ceremony Music: James Fletcher (Fletcha')

Venue: Tierra Retreat Center

Food: Ravenous Catering 

Beer and Champagne: Home brew! 

Sound and DJ: Max Pfeiffer


“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
― Mary Oliver

{Nature-inspired lifestyle photography} The connections we cultivate between each other and place are a reflection of who we are and the legacy we leave. Through photographs we set an intention to preserve that story. I strive to capture it... the one where we are most free to be our perfect selves.

When I'm not shooting weddings you can find me playing in the mountains or trying to talk myself into going for a run. I live, shoot, garden, and play in Leavenworth, Washington.
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