These two are expecting their first babe in November. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend an evening hanging out with them on the farm where the Icicle meets the Wenatchee here, in Leavenworth. It's one of those brilliant life moments where people that you've known a long time, suddenly are transformed... I am constantly amazed by this-- I know it has happened for hundreds of thousands of years, and it still is the most stunning thing--- bringing a new life into the world. 

I remember when my best friend Karen had her first daughter, Abbie. I was in the room 10 minutes after she was born--I got to hold this brand new life...and share in the most incredible moment that I've ever witnessed. I remember leaving the hospital, and driving back to my work-- it had just stopped raining and there was a rainbow forming over the Tetons as I drove the highway back to Kelly. I remember thinking.... nothing I have ever done in my life, or will ever do, is as important or special as what just happened in that room. I could climb and ski the most beautiful mountain, go on the most amazing trek through a land foreign to me, become the CEO of my own company that I started and gives all the profits away to people who need it more than me.. but it will never be as important or special as witnessing a new life being born into this world. 

This new little person will at some point come to realize what a special family s/he has been born into. I don't even have to wish you all the happiness in the world, because you cultivate it wherever you go,  Deandra and Josh. I love you both so much. Congrats.

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