Jim and Ingrid were married on a splitter September day, surrounded by  family and close friends. Their wedding could be characterized by the phrase, "all things local." It was nothing short of stunning, having been put together with lots of  creativity, energy, love, friends and locally-sourced materials. The flowers were grown by Ingrid's Dad and Aunt Beth,  and arranged by friends Chandra, Amber, and Joanna;  Ingrid's hair was beautifully done by friend Courtney; Local goldsmith, Siri Healy designed and handcrafted the wedding rings, in which the gold and jewels were sourced from family jewelry; The yummy local food was prepared and catered by  Good Mood Food; The beer was brewed right here in Leavenworth by Icicle Brewery, and the wine was picked by friend Sarah; Friends Aaron and Kaylin made amazing Moscow Mules and Watermelon Margaritas at a bar fashioned ramshackle -esque for the event--Did I mention that Jim and Ingrid pureed all the local Hermiston melons for the margaritas, and that Ingrid and friend Emily made the ginger syrup for the Mules? Everyone's favorite local Dan's Market helped out with all of the ice and soda water; The phenomenally sexy cake was made by family friend, Sarah Poore; Music for the ceremony was played by Reece Bradburn and Jim's Uncle Ken; All the signs were designed and hand painted by friend Anya; Coffee? It was roasted by Ingrid's brother, Ralph!  And in the end, everyone danced the night away as  local band, Spare Rib and The Bluegrass Sauce band played into the night.  Well played, team. 

Jill Fineis

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
― Mary Oliver

I shoot lifestyle photography because the connections that we cultivate between each other and place are the most important parts of who we are and what legacy we leave. Above all, I want to authentically weave together the pieces of that story through photographs. To me, photography has always been about more than just taking pictures... it's setting an intention to preserve our history and story. Ceremony, craft, and sport are points where we are most vulnerable, where we take off our masks and reveal our true selves. I want to capture that story... the one where we are most free to be our perfect selves.
When I'm not taking photographs, you can find me playing in the mountains or trying to talk myself into going for a run. I live, shoot, garden, and play in Leavenworth, Washington.

www.jillfineis.com | facebook.com/jillfineisphotography
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