Lacy + Pat {Married in Leavenworth} July 2016 - jillfineis

Lacy and Pat were married on July 2, 2016 with 250 of their closest friends. 

important things as follows:

Beer: Pfreim

Rings: Siri Jewelry

Lacy's Dress: Rue de Seine Eve gown, found 2nd hand

Hammock: Super Hammy

Dog: Chance

Venue: Copper Notch 

Flower crown: Designed by Lara Rose, Patrick's sister

Flowers: Roots Farm and Icicle Organics  

Lacy's beautiful bouquet: Designed by Chandra Llewellyn 

Food: Country Boys BBQ and Sure to Rise Bakery  and POTLUCK oh my!!!

Dessert: Homefires Bakery

Jewelry: Lotic Stone

Socks: Tye-dye everything 

Mountains: Cascade

River: Icicle

Weather: Splitter

Ice: donated by Dans Food Market! (80 bags!) 

Love: everywhere


“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
― Mary Oliver

{Nature-inspired lifestyle photography} The connections we cultivate between each other and place are a reflection of who we are and the legacy we leave. Through photographs we set an intention to preserve that story. I strive to capture it... the one where we are most free to be our perfect selves.

When I'm not shooting weddings you can find me playing in the mountains or trying to talk myself into going for a run. I live, shoot, garden, and play in Leavenworth, Washington.
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