Thank you so much. 

"Thank you so much. We couln't have been any more pleased with how the pictures turned out. You did a stellar job and you were so much fun to work with. We all really appreciated how you worked with the kids and made Lyle your assistant :)" Jenny & CO | July 2015

Jill Fineis is an exceptional photographer who produces fantastic images.

"She uses interesting unique techniques to achieve photographic "looks" that appear almost magical. One acquaintance mentioned it seemed "Disney-like." She's also just a fabulous person and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!! " -Aliza & Mike | June 2014

She completely captured many special moments

"Jill was so much fun to work with during my wedding reception! She is easy-going and professional in her approach. She made sure to take a variety of traditional photos as well as impromptu, creative shots (which turned out to be my favorites). She puts everyone at ease so the whole experience was enjoyable, even the family group photos. I had such a great time looking back over the photos afterwards - she captured every moment perfectly, and made it possible for me to relieve all the memories of our weekend-long celebration. We will treasure our photos from Jill forever!"  Heather & Bart | August 2013

Jill is so easy to work with & takes breathtaking photos...

"I live 5 hours away but Jill made the process easy. We first discussed a shot list and pricing via emails and a call or two. Her pricing was very reasonable, I believe. She was amazing enough to meet me at the venue the day before the wedding and go over areas to take pictures and to figure out where she'd stand, etc. I'm sure it made a huge difference and I thank her for thinking ahead about that. The day of our wedding (which was a short, intimate one), Jill hands me a red rose and a card, so sweet! Her photos are a mixture of crisp, soft, haunting, revealing....she knew how to capture each small and large detail. As for the photographer herself, Jill is incredibly easy to work with and very sweet and funny. My husband and Jill kept each other laughing. She is very eager to try new shots, use props, and to take a good classic portrait. She uses a blend of trendy and traditional without being too much one or the other. My husband and I enjoyed Jill so much that we invited her to our wedding luncheon and were very sad to say goodbye! You will get so much for each dollar you invest with Jill!"  Ashley & Ben | January 2013

Wonderful photographs and experience

"Jill took photographs of our wedding preparations, and we could not be happier! She is easy to work with and made the whole process simple and pleasant. The end results are amazing!" Jessica & Colin | October 2013

We treasure these

"I hope you know how exceedingly grateful John and I are for the family shots you took. These are once in a lifetime moments we are living right now, and to not have photos of them is nothing short of tragic. I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that we will treasure these for the rest of our lives." -Lauren and John | 2012

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